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About the Game

Spider Man Miles Morales is a family heritage novel. Spider-Man. Following the death of his father, Miles and his mother Rio move back to the Harlem apartment of his grandmother to try to rebuild their lives. The original Spider man takes a working trip to Europe in the midst of it but Miles is the only Spider-Man left who holds the line. Fortunately for Miles, he has been learning new talents, such as electrical venom blasting and the ability to camouflage temporarily. Every trick is needed when the Roxxon and Tinkerer Underground megacorporation wage war on Harlem’s future. He needs every trick.


Miles’ mother races concurrently for the city council and bumps the two parties together, and several former friends go home to Miles’ life. A Spider-Man has a lot to tackle, making the fights around Harlem both bombastic and sounding as they reach Miles near at home. Although the original Spider Man Miles Morales Mobile was a goodly yarn, it was also predictable and drawn over 30 hours, while Spider-Man: Miles Morales took about 8 to 10 hours.

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